LED Solar Area Light (E Series)

Solar Lighting LED Dusk To Dawn Light commercial parking lot, street light, security lighting, etc...





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Product Description


  • LED Solar Area Light offers LED Dusk To Dawn for Residential and Commercial Use
  • Applications: suitable for some public lighting project which needs to supervise the lamp’s status and control all the lamps by the central equipment. Ability to check the lamp’s working status and data details on APP or PC .
  • Ability to control the lamp to turn ON/OFF, adjust brightness, change lighting mode by APP or PC
    Battery Auto-heating function make battery still keep in high charging efficiency when work in – 20℃.
    There are  Four-degree angle to confirm the most effective charging efficiency with -15, 0, 15, 30
  • Cloud Service: Provide a free server.

Install our Solar Lights directly on the wall or on the pole.  The selection of pole height is according to the width of the road.  Use the road width or slightly larger as a good rule of thumb when deciding on height of pole. For example, a single-lane rural roads is typically 3-4 meters (10 to 13 feet) pole. While a double-lane rural roads will be approximately 5-7 meters (16 to 23 feet) pole.  For courtyard or other area lighting needs will depend on the lighting range required.

Designing a Solar area lighting project.

Using the wattage according to the purpose of the lamp, the height of the pole, and the lumen value of the LED street lamp is important in the calculation. As a rule of thumb, fewer pedestrians can choose LED lamp heads with slightly lower wattage, and higher pedestrian traffic can choose LED lamp holders with slightly higher wattage. The higher the pole, the higher the wattage of the LED lamp head.  The 3-4 meter pole is a good option when choosing 15-20 watts.  The 8-12 meter pole is a good option when choosing a 50-100 watt LED lamp heads.

The solar panel needs to face the direction with the most sunshine. It should be noted that the direction of the solar panel can be adjusted appropriately according to the occlusion of buildings or trees, generally within 20 degrees to the west or east.

“Outdoor solar lights are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Best of all, using them won’t increase your electric bill. … Outdoor solar lighting systems use solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries for use at night.” https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/

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