The Pro Series LED Grow Light

A Horticulture light specifically for the cannabis industry.

The Pro Series Grow light let you control the spectrum of light throughout the growing cycles.cETL listed, CE, LV, EMS, and RoHS compliant




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Product Description

Our horticulture lights will maximize cannabis flower and resin production. This LED light outperform the competition in all areas. The application work well in compact grow tent applications and large-scale sea-of-green cultivation.  The Pro Series LED light is equivalent in wattage to HPS and in grow yields, yield quality, and energy savings.

PRO Series LED lights is a fully spectrum tunable through 3-separate spectrum dimmers.

Product Data: Operating Voltage: 100 – 480 Vac, 50~60 Hz; Beam Angle: 120 Degree for Sea of Green; Indoor Mounting: 8″ above Canopy; Power Fact or: > 93%; PPFD (µmol/m 2/s): 1200 – 1800; Waterproof Rating: IP 66; Operating Temp: -22°F to 113°F; Storage Temp: -40°F to 149°F; Lifespan: L70 > 150,000 hrs.;Manufacture Warranty: 5-years


List of Unique Features of the PRO Series 

  • Power Boostable: Our LED light can support from 600 watt per 4’X4’ to 900 watt by 4’x4’; At proven minimum 1.5 grams/watt minimum (we have been achieving 3 grams/watt and we are able to achieve to 3 lbs per light with 2 weeks vegging time;
  • Field Upgrade: Our LED lighting solution supports field upgrade. In 3-5 years LED diodes will improve and a qualified person will be able to switch out the “LED Component Level” on site.  Labor will be 15-25 minutes per fixture and down time will be minimized.  This will improve performance by  30-40%.
  • Integrated Plant Management Support: We are the only commercial lighting thermal management and horticulture lighting system that can support up to 120 Degrees Fahrenheit of Environmental High Temperature to support advance IPM Treatments methods.
  • Industrial Design:  The Pro Series LED light saves 15-35% energy based on our lighting solutions unique industrial design; It is modular and industrial built.

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