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Filament LED Light Bulb (100w equivalent)

Cledos 100 watt equivalent  A21 LED Light   warm white (2700K)  uses only 10 watts of energy and produces 1600 lumens.  That’s 160 lumens per watt!! Classic filament look, E26 base for your lamps, designed for the indoor use (damp rated) & 120V.  Note this is a NON-Dimmable light.




Filament LED light bulb from Cledos is the most advance lighting solution on the market.  This is a vintage style or Edison light bulb.

This is a lighting solution every household needs. Our luxury hotels and restaurant prefer the classic filament LED light bulb, along with the 90% savings on their electricity bill.

The reason why more consumers are picking filament LED over other light bulbs are plentiful.  First, there is a 360 degrees of LED light to really brighten up a room.  The 160 lumens per watt is the best on the market!  Just 10 watts of energy producing 1600 lumens! Then there is our high performance and long lifespan offer a soft white (2700K) color and 1600 Lumens matches original light bulbs invented by Edison.  This low energy consumption filament LED light bulbs replace 100W incandescent bulb and use only 10 watts of energy.  You get all the benefits without the cost.

Why are most of my restaurant client’s switching to my filament LED’s?  They spend less time trading out the traditional bulbs for Cledos’ long-lasting LED bulbs. There are many benefits to switching to our filament LED bulbs. Not only do LEDs save electricity, they also last up to three times longer than CFL bulbs and 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.  Our filament bulbs are more attractive than CFL and the plastic looking LED bulbs.  Plus, our filament bulbs give off less heat than both incandescent and CFL bulbs.

Getting the right aesthetic, saving energy, and creating a safe environment is important in every room.  Our “vintage style” filament bulb produces a soft white light or 2700K, which resembles modern day lights. The high temperature resistance provides longevity and reliability. Lower temperatures mean a much longer lifespan lamp.   The 1600 lumens of brightness and low heat increase efficiency by 30%-40%.  Designed for today’s customer.

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