Lighting represents a significant portion of the electricity usage.  This is the easiest in least expensive way to reduce your energy consumption.  A 60 watt equivalent LED light bulb uses on average 6.5 watts of energy.

CFL stands for Compact fluorescent Lamps, so no they are not LED.  They typically use twice as much power, take longer to warm up, and are non dimmable.  CFL are known to be made with small amount of mercury.

Cledos buys directly from the manufacturers in bulk orders.  You order, we buy and deliver directly to you.  Cledos does keep small quantities on hand for smaller purchases.  Always best to call in advance.

We’re not new to LED. The airLED™ technology was developed by two leading scientists who have worked behind the scenes in the LED industry for more than twenty years and together hold more than fifty patents on LED design and technology. Having been frustrated with the pace of LED improvement, they set out to develop a better LED technology to bring LED to the masses.

We’re so confident in our technology and design we offer a 10-year limited warranty on our bulbs!