Cledos Energy

Sustainable & Reliable Energy for Your Home and Business

About Us

Cledos (pronounced Klee-dose) uses mathematics and science to provide a more energy-efficient solutions to its customer. We follow a scientific process to confidently formulate a solution that is right for our customer. 

Our roots started an R&D team with more than 50 global patents in the LED sphere. Now we’ve grown to provide energy solution to buildings all over the world. With our local partners having over 15-years of experience designing and installing in the local market, we understand how to overcome obstacles. We focus on understanding the cause before providing a solution.

Why choose Cledos?


Only after finding the energy leak in your building can we determine the most efficient solution to overcoming those high electric bills. Your building is designed to use energy and it is Cledos’ role to find the most affordable energy possible. 

We understand how and why you use the energy. We determine the most energy efficient devises to be used based on energy consumption, age of equipment, replacement cost, etc. After understanding your demand and the necessary changes needing to take place can we determine how much, if any, solar is required. 

Getting our customer, the best Return-On-Invest (ROI) is important and doing this through taking advantage of global pricing while utilizing local business to provide the best customer care possible is the Cledos way. 

Lighten the load with Cledos, LED simplified.

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