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Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are an energy saving lighting technology preferred today. If you want long-lasting, durable, and energy-efficient lighting solutions for your building, look no further than Cledos. We have installed LED light bulbs in building across the globe.

Lightbulbs and Lighting Accessories

Lightbulbs and Lighting Accessories

We have long experience designing and installing LED light bulbs in buildings across the globe, in collaboration with local partners, since 2004. Our light bulbs also have a higher lumen per watt, at almost 160 lumens per watt.


LED Lightbulbs + Solar Power Equals Greater Savings

As is well known, most residential and business communities today prefer to use solar power because of its energy efficiency. At Cledos, our team examines the energy usage in your building, before coming up with the most efficient solutions to reduce it. Having had the experience of manufacturing and selling in the solar industry, our experts can determine whether your building requires solar power. A combination of solar energy and LED lighting can be a powerful way to bring down energy consumption.

Customer Friendly and Competitively Priced

We don’t have a warehouse. We just buy and sell in bulk. Our advantage to pricing is that we don’t have to hold our products. We can help people find the value in what they buy.

Cledos has a customer-friendly environment, where we make it very comfortable for you to find a product that you need or approach us with any queries.

Resturante Gabriela, Madera, Ca
We are happy to answer customer queries.

We are happy to answer customer queries.

Look for an energy efficient lighting solution today.

Look for an energy efficient lighting solution today.

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